Services in Human Resources

Kirsty Muir HR Consultancy offers a diverse and wide range of employee related services in order to help you meet your legal obligations and drive long term performance. Some of the areas where we can assist businesses to improve their business performance include:

Engaging the right people – ensuring a new appointment is the correct fit for the organisational culture, has the required skill set or attitude is key. An incorrect hire is costly, disruptive, time consuming and may negatively impact the rest of the team’s productivity and engagement.

Getting the best from your team – employees are key to the success of a business and they need to be fully engaged, performing highly and motivated to achieve the company goals. Where this is not happening then productivity, customer service, colleagues and the bottom line all suffer.

Growing the business – ambitious businesses recognise that investment in both the organisational structure and their employees is necessary to grow and develop. Formulating an HR strategy which aligns with the organisational culture and business objectives supports this premise.

Whatever your employment needs or questions, we can guide you with best practice advice and support which adds value and ensures your business flourishes.